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  • Home – up-to-date information or advice, extract from product offer.
  • Shop – business conditions, buying hints and tips, order form, order import, favourite items.
  • My documents – history of orders, invoices and claims
  • Claims – claim conditions, claim form for print, on-line claim form.
  • My profile – possibility to change customer’s contact information (e-mail, telephone, mobile etc.) or password.
  • About us – company’s structure and presentation.
  • Contacts – contact information, logistic centre, regional managers, technicians, webmaster, quick question-form (question is sent to e-mail
  • Download -
    • after logging in, it is possible to view or download the actual wholesale price list, leaflets, catalogues or catalogue supplements.
    • view or download  instruction manuals.
    • e-shop operating instructions (different  methods of ordering).
    • XML files with our product data.

Registration of companies:

A new company, which is not listed in our database, must send an extract of an entry from the Commercial Register, invoice address, delivery address and complete contact information (telephone, fax, e-mail, contact person, etc.) by fax (+ 420 581 261 256) or  by e-mail (
In case you are a regular customer (listed in the database) and you wish to buy items in the e-shop, just dial  + 420 581 261 192 or send an e-mail to and ask for access.

On-line catalogue and on-line purchase:

On the left side of the e-shop pages you will find the product catalogue in a „tree“ structure divided into product categories, which can be further unfolded. By clicking on the required category, a page with 10 related products appears in the middle of the monitor. If there are more than 10 items in the category, you may browse through individual pages. By clicking on the product name, you will be provided with more information about the product (technical data etc.). You may enter the required quantity in both, the list and detail, and you may add the item into your basket by clicking on the icon. The order can be checked when you click on the „Content“ icon (top right) . Here you can still change the quantity or remove items (you must confirm the change using the icon). When all the data is correct, you can send the order.

Advantages: The customer can see his purchase price and availability of goods.
Disadvantages: New page is loaded for every operation, which can be time consuming with large orders.

Searching for a specific product:

When browsing through the catalogue, you can quickly find the required product.  Under the EMOS logo there is a searching array, where you can enter the product number, common product number, product name or product type. Then, a list of products meeting the set criteria appears.

Orders made using the order form (recommended for our customers):

If you are a logged in user, you will find the „Order form“ in the „Shop“ MENU . Enter the original product number or a new product number (eg. 1433010000 or *P2301) into the „Product number“ array and required quantity into the „Quantity“ array.
Fill in the other lines similarly.  There are 10 lines in the order form. After filling in all the lines, click on „Send to the basket“ icon, the order will be transferred to the basket and the order form appears empty again. Then, observing the same procedure, other items can be ordered and sent to the basket. When the order is complete, the customer switches to the basket and sends the whole order from there.

Advantages: Quick way of ordering for those, who know product numbers.
Disadvantages: A customer can not see the purchase price (only in the basket) and availability of goods.

Export of order from customer’s information system and import into EMOS e-shop:

When you create a new order in your own information system, you can insert it into the basket of EMOS e-shop without re-typing it. However, in such case, you need to save or export the order created in your information system as a separate .txt file, which should contain only the correct product number (the correct form of the product number  is shown in an example below) and required quantity. These two pieces of information must be separated by two vertical lines (key combination ALT124). Other data in the file is not required and will be ignored. The saved file should look as follows:
*P2304 ||24
*s5381 ||100
Now just log in our e-shop using your username and password; choose „Order import“ in the „Shop“ menu, and using the „Browse“ icon choose the file with your order form saved on your disc and import it into the basket. Then, before sending the order, it is possible to check all the data in the basket.

Advantages: Quick way of ordering for those, who can export the order from their information system. 
Disadvantages: A customer can not see the purchase price (only in the basket) and availability of goods.

E-mail order confirmation and tracking:

1. After the order is sent away from the basket, a text informs on the successful saving of the order.
2. Information about the order dispatch will be delivered to the customer’s email .
3. If the customer is logged in, he can verify the existence of his order in „My documents-->Orders menu”.

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